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Solis tractors

A Solis tractor of high quality

Solis is a solid brand where many people buy their tractor. Not surprisingly, Solis tractors are of high quality and bring quite a few benefits. Power, reliability and low operating costs are central to Solis and it shows. The tractors are easy to use and require little maintenance. At Spapens you can buy various types of Solis tractors.

Buy a Solis tractor at Spapens

Solis is a company that originated from a partnership between ITL and Yanmar. The latter is a Japanese company that has been around for more than 100 years and therefore brings a lot of experience and quality with it. Solis always supplies products with a three-year guarantee; before a tractor leaves the factory it is always tested. At Spapens we deal in Solis tractors and we are therefore happy to help you acquire one of these fantastic tractors.

Choose a Solis 26 HST with front loader

The Solis 26 HST is the latest model from Solis. This tractor includes almost everything you could want. The new Solis tractor has a hydrostatic transmission, instead of 8 gears. It is therefore an automatic tractor and you no longer need to change gears. The Solis 26 HST guarantees optimal driving comfort and combines this with optimal power. Both on small pieces of land, as on large pieces of land this hydrostat mini tractor excels. Purchase the Solis 26 with front loader as an additional accessory. You will also buy the Solis 26 at a competitive price.

Solis 26 4wd 9+9 | Spapens Machinehandel Solis 26 4wd compact tractor 2 | Spapens Machinehandel Solis 26 4wd compact tractor | Spapens Machinehandel Solis 26 4wd Hydrostaat | Spapens Machinehandel

Or choose the Solis 20 with front loader

The Solis 20 is one of the most popular Solis tractors. This tractor is compact and maneuverable and, with its 18hp, is not inferior to larger tractors from Solis. You can use the Solis 20 in many ways, for example for mowing, tilling, transport and loading. When you buy a Solis 20 with a front loader, loading becomes a breeze!

Solis 20 4WD Compact tractor | Spapens Machinehandel

The experience with a Solis tractor

No matter which user you talk to, they all rave about Solis tractors. The manufacturer knows how to set the right tone and uses high-quality materials. This creates tractors of various sizes with enormous power. They are also enthusiastic about the accessories. For example, a Solis tractor with a front loader is very popular, which you can also easily purchase with your Solis tractor.

Sharp Solis tractor prices at Spapens

Solis designs its products with quality, but without compensating in price. Power, quality and tests are at the forefront and yet the tractors do not become prohibitively expensive. So you purchase a great Solis tractor for a competitive price. Then you can enjoy the tractor for a long time, because Solis products have a relatively long life.

Contact us for a Solis tractor

If you are looking for a good Solis tractor then Spapens is the right place for you. We work closely with Solis and will be pleased to help you find the tractor that suits you best. Are you curious as to what we can do for you? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. After all, we will be happy to help you!

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