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Have your machines inspected on time!

The Working Conditions Act requires you to have safe and reliable machines. It is also important for a good business policy to ensure the reliability of machinery and thus avoid unnecessary loss of time. For this you should regularly inspect your machines. Spapens Machinehandel has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to perform this specialist work.

We can take care of the inspection and testing of your electrical tools according to NEN 3140. This inspection consists of a visual check and inspection by measurement and testing of the functioning of the machine. Any minor repairs are carried out immediately during the inspection, so you have the machines back in operation quickly. At the end of the inspection you will receive an overview of all inspected machines and a test certificate for each machine. If desired, the inspection can also be conducted at your company or at your location.

We can also inspect climbing equipment, forklift trucks and mobile internal transport equipment for you.

  • When inspecting climbing equipment according to NEN 2484 the material undergoes a visual inspection and receives a sticker upon approval.
  • For forklift trucks and mobile internal transport equipment, the technical condition of the machine is checked on the basis of an extensive inspection list.

The inspections are done by our certified inspectors.

We also have our own repair service.

Spapens Machinehandel is renowned for its fast delivery and perfect service.

Spapens Machinehandel

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